24hrs Inline Montreal

Practical info

Frequently asked questions

Before the race

  • What does it take to do this race and how should I prepare?
    You do not need much to prepare for this 24h race except a good attitude and a need to have fun while skating. This is a race but the first goal is to complete the relays for 24h without stoping. Please consult this web site including the Getting ready section for more information.
  • What is the best relay strategy?
    There is no ideal relay strategy since it depends on the objectives of the team and its members. It is however frequent that each skater will do a single lap per relay in an attempt to increase the overall speed of the team. At night, most teams will assign smaller groups of skaters for 3 to 4 hours while the rest of the team sleeps.
  • How can I join or form a team?
    You can post a message on the 24hrs forum. You can also contact your local skating or sporting clubs and propose to the members to join you for the event. Online forums related to inline skating can also help you find teammates. For instance, the Skatelog.com forum has produced many teams each year at the 24hrs Inline Montreal. Good luck with your search for teammates!
  • Can I get a receipt for the race registration?
    The registration confirmation email and the transaction email are the only proof of payment you will get from us. A detailed invoice can however be obtained for registrations paid by cheque and sponsorships.
  • I have paid for the race registration, where can I get the form to register my team members?
    After paying for your team registration, you will need to fill out the team registration form (Word format) listing the names of your teamates. Several weeks before the event, we will ask you to send us by email this form so we can assign the location of your team and file the required information on your known teamates. On race-day morning, we will collect the final registration paper form signed by ALL teamates. Only skaters who have signed the waiver will be allowed to participate.
  • Can we know our team location in advance?
    The exact location of each team is only known days if not hours before the race. It is therefore impossible for us to provide you with this information before race day.
  • Where can we stay during our visit to Montreal?
    There are many hotels (downtown) and motels (south shore) available within a short distance from the race site (30 minutes drive). For your stay in Montreal, room rates vary between 50$ to 200 CA$ per night depending on the type of place you are looking for. Check the Links section for places to stay and what to do before and after the event since you might as well enjoy Montreal and Quebec while you are here.
  • Can we bring our tent?
    Yes, in fact it is a good idea! Since the space inside the paddocks is limited, we encourage you to set up your tent on the roof.
  • What are the directions to get to the race location?
    Please consult the Directions section and the Google map for precise directions.
  • Are lamps required for the night skate?
    The racetrack is not lit everywhere but all critical parts are lit. Neverhteless, many skaters use 2 frontal lights, one for each skater of the relay. Make sure you also wear clothing with reflective stripes to be visible by other skaters and vehicules.
  • One of our skaters has not yet signed the registration form, can we still participate in the race?
    Yes, however he/she must come to the registration desk to sign the waiver form and get his/her bracelet to race with your team.
  • How can I add or change my email address for your mailing list?
    Simply visit the mailing list page and provide your current email address.
  • What type of banners can we display through sponsoring?
    Most banners are 1 meter by 2 meters long (3 x 6 feet) with holes (on the 4 conners and on the sides). Banners are attached using tie-wraps on the fence along the relay zone. You must give us your banners which we will place after we have put the ones from our main sponsors. It is your responsability to pick up your banners after the end of the event. For more information regarding sponsorships, please consult the section Become a sponsor.

During the race

  • Can I park my car close by during the 24h?
    Not realy, The 24hrs participants must park their cars in the designated area. You'll obtain a 2 day pass, but only in the 24hrs parking. There is parking meters on regular parking lot. (please consult the Directions and parking section for more information).
  • Can my family and friends comes to support me?
    Yes! However they cannot sleep in the village.
  • Can I leave the village during the event and come back?
    Yes, but we recommend that you stay during all the 24hrs so as not to loose the vibe of this unique event.
  • During the race, can we replace a skater or exchange one with another team?
    Of course not!
  • Where are the washrooms?
    Three washrooms are available; two behing and above paddock 14 and one above paddock 28. Please consult the site map for location.
  • Where can I take a shower?
    All 24hrs' participants wearing their official bracelet will have access to the showers during specific time period. Please consult the site map for more information.
  • Where are the water spots?
    Two water spots with a hose are available behind paddocks 8 and 22. Please consult the site map for location.
  • Where is the first aid center?
    The first aid is located at paddock space 14 near the information center. Please consult the site map for location.
  • Can I buy some food at the 24hrs village?
    Beverages and dry food will be sold at the booth of the Quebec Division of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. A supper and a Sunday breakfast will also be offered. Please consult the services section for more information.
  • Can I buy some food at a nearby restaurant?
    There are several food concessions available in the Jean-Drapeau Park:
    - A snack bar (near the Casino bridge from 8 am to 8 pm) as well as all the restaurants in the Montreal Casino (open all night)
  • Do you close the lights at night for sleeping?
    No, for security reasons the lights are on in the paddocks all night long. Eye covers can therefore be appropriate.
  • Is there a curfew for music and noise?
    The DJ animation will end near midnight and will be followed by lounge music all night. You will possibly also hear the shouts of the skaters for their relays all night. So ear plugs can be helpful for the light sleepers.
  • Is there a kiosk for the lost and found objects?
    Please go to the information center at the main tent. Please consult the site map for location.
  • I noticed a skater doing an infraction. What should I do?
    Please signal it to one of the race officals or one of event organizers at the information kiosk.
  • I have a problem with my skates, where can i find some help?
    At the 24hrs village, specialized store will be able to help you out.

After the race

  • Do we have to clean our paddock after the race?
    Yes, you should leave your paddock in the same condition as when you arrived. We also encourage you to help us clean the site at the end of the event.
  • Where can I get the results of the race?
    The detailed and final results are published on this web site (results section) about 2 weeks after the race.