24hrs Inline Montreal

Practical info

Getting ready


Make sure you're prepared to be as comfortable as possible throughout your 24 hours. Every team will be assigned a space in or near the paddocks, which are basically big garages alongside the track. Each paddock can host up to 6 teams. Please be courteous to your neighbours. The floor is cement, so your team should come ready with air-mattresses, sleeping-bags, folding chairs, etc. Water and electrical outlets are available in the paddocks. Please refrain from bringing glass bottles.

We might want to bring eye covers since the paddock's lights will stay on all night. Ear plugs are also recommend to shed you from the shouts of the skaters during the relays at night. Please note that lounge music will play all night to support the skaters. Smoking and alcool drinking is prohibited during the event. Please also make sure your paddock space stays clean during the race and that you clean it up when your team leaves at the end of the event.

To prevent stealing, we recommend that you have at least one member of your team always present at your assigned space. This will also help us in case we need to get in touch with your team. In order not to lose anything, we suggest you always keep all your belongings in one spot at your assigned space. As much as possible, do not expose objects of high value. You can bring found objects at the information booth in the 24h Village.

Please read the rules of the race before the event. Don't let any of your team-mates come without a helmet and bracelet! Wrist-protectors, elbow-pads and knee-pads are also recommended. Since the track is not completely illuminated at night, we recommend that the team have a couple of helmet lights (one for the skater on the track, the other for the skater who will take the relay). You should also wear very visible clothing for the night (e.g., with reflecting stripes). Turn on the relay stick when the night comes to make yourself visible on the track.

We recommend that you protect yourself from the sun with sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat. Keep in mind that this race is happening rain or shine, so be prepared with everything you might need to skate (and rest), in the rain, in cool weather and in the heat as well. Consider bringing bearing-cleaner and oil and a ton of pairs of sox in case of rain.

Practical advices for the 24hrs Inline Montreal...

  • Tip #1: Drink a lot of energy beverages such as Gatorade or Powerade to replace electrolytes and prevent cramps and exhaustion. In an endurance event like the 24hrs Inline Montreal, electrolytes play an important role in performance and comfort.
  • Tip #2: If you feel overly exhausted, do not be afraid to ask to be replaced until you feel better.
  • Tip #3: To avoid hotspots and blisters bring several pairs of spare socks and change them regularly (avoid cotton socks since they absorb moisture and can therefore increase the chance of blisters). Putting two pairs of socks one over the other can also cause hotspots and blisters.
  • Tip #4: Stop skating if you feel a hotspot, and check out your feet.
  • Tip #5: Apply an antiperspirant to the soles of your feet to reduce sweating and help keep your feet dry longer.
  • Tip #6: If you have new skates, try them out for several hours before the 24hrs race.