24hrs Inline Montreal

The event

Organizing Committee

Executive Board

Simon Clément

Executive Director

Simon has participated at the 24h since the very begining. In fact, he was the first to put together teams (Les Clowns) that will skate and raise money for the causes supported by the event. Early on he grasped all the potential for growth and fun that the event carried.

His implication grew over the years so as the number of Clowns. He decided to get even more involved and joined the 2007 organization team as Marketing Director. He managed to act as an excellent negotiator of contracts, a site builder, and even waste manager... while still finding the energy to participate as an elite skater with the Clowns! Let see what he can do in 2012!

Dominique Clément

Marketing Director

Skater since the very fist year of the 24hrs. With Simon, they build the clown teams every years. He is at the origin of the fund raising, seeking for sponsors, team clothing's designs. He is involved in the 24hrs organization since 2009. Dominique participated at the 24h du Mans in France and with this experience he knows the potential of the 24hrs Roller Montréal and want to participate to his success. Live together with friends the 24hrs Inline Montréal : A passion came alive!

Mohamed Ariba

Schedule Coordinator

At the beginning in 1995, the roller was to get to school. With times I quickly realized that the roller was a real sport. I've got the opportunity to touch all side of the roller, but the speed skating is the one that makes me alive. I wanted to transmit my passion and allow more people to discover this sport so I became a coach. Certified by the Roller Skating Federation in France, I teach and animate groups from all ages to school classes and roller clubs. I had the chance to participate to the 24hrs du Mans and the 24hrs Inline Montreal. Co-founder with Simon of the club VRAM, I keep working to promote and develop the roller in Montreal. My first career as an accountant now gives me the chance of helping the 24hrs organization team with my knowledge and my sport spirit.

André Vincent

24h Sprint Races Director

Participate to the 24hrs since 2008. Always there to help! André is a real passionnate for the ice speed skater developpement for youth of the region.



Mario Couture

Operation Director

As his participation to the event growth year after year, it was about time that Mario decide to be a real member of the organization. He will continue to do what he was doing (and certainly more again) to make sure everything goes well.


Jérôme Comtois-Urbain

Site operation responsible

As an elite skater, Jérôme will focus on his team performance during the race, but he is ready to work hard before and after the race to put this event at the level we all want it.

Dany Martineau

Long term development responsible

Dany Martineau served as Vice-Chairman of the Board since 2011. he evolves, as such, as a strategist at the promotion and expansion of the event. Involved in the development strategy, including evaluation and integration of new technologies, Dany is also involved in making the 24h an ECO responsible event. With his vision of greatness and leadership he hopes to contribute positively to the growth of the event.