24hrs Inline Montreal

The 24hrs race


Form your teams!

A team may consist of up to 10 skaters; however, all it takes is about 7 skaters to have plenty of members for the event to be not too tiring. The most important thing is to share this experience with people you get along with and who share your love of skating.

Everybody can participate whether you want to push hard or just enjoy the challenge and celebrate in the company of other skaters.

The 3 basic categories are:
  • Team (10 skaters maximum)
  • Duo (Two participants with the material of one solo)
  • Solo (a lone courageous soul with the determination to take on a 24-hour challenge)

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A team can also have its registration sponsored by a company. This sponsorship allows the company to name the team after its business or product. For a tent or other sponsorship, please contact us.

When you register, it will be a single registration in the name of the entire team. This means that as soon as you have enough skaters to form the nucleus of a team (4 or 5), you can go ahead and register, then continue looking for more skaters to join you! Plenty of skaters out there are just waiting to be invited...

Several weeks before the event, you'll be welcome to send us by email your completed team registration form so we can assign the location of your team and file the required information on your known teamates. On race-day morning, we will collect the final registration paper form signed by ALL teamates as well as a photocopy of an ID card.

The 2012 teams

Number of registrations: 57 teams and 20 solos.

Solo - 20 persons
Team name Team chief Location Registration
raidpulse.com Pierluc Séguin Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 2012-06-25
M - JOAT MON John Silker Woodstock, Illinois, United States 2012-06-01
M - LOU solitaire Philippe Coussy VAUX, Bourgogne, France 2012-05-31
M - Christian Beausoleil Christian Beausoleil l'Assomption, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-11
M - Never Give Up! Never Surrender! Doug MacIsaac Lacombe, Alberta, Canada 2012-05-11
M - Gamz Mathieu Gamache Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-08
M - Brew Guy Brouillette St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-01
F - Caroule Caroline Hamon Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-01
M - Gilles Roussil Gilles Roussil Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
F - Sue Steckle Sue Steckle Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada 2012-04-30
F - Catherine Kwiecien Catherine Kwiecien Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 2012-04-30
M - Don Quichotte André Bellemare St. Bruno, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
M - Tango Uniform Michael Burke East York, Ontario, Canada 2012-04-30
F - All for one and one for all Mary Gombas Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 2012-04-28
M - Accro roller Jonathan Royer Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-21
M - Charles Beaudoin Charles Beaudoin Verdun, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-21
F - Christine Caron Christine Caron Verdun, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-21
M - Freddy Frédérick Giroux Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-14
M - Fernand Caron Fernand Caron Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-31
M - Manuel Colibrí Manuel Delgado Campos Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain 2012-03-01

Duo - 4 teams
Team name Team chief Location Registration
Marc et Sam Marc-André Pelletier Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-15
Boucle d'Or Eric Dufresne Rosemere, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-29
TeamDansPanne Pierre Gagnon Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-25
Les Roller Machines Virginie Hébert Boucherville, Quebec, Canada 2012-02-28

Team (10 skaters) - 53 teams
Team name Team chief Location Registration
Corp - Objectif Lune Sylvain Lebleu Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-06-27
FS -Team Gatineau Karine Pellerin Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 2012-06-22
Strom spa Christine Mailloux Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-06-19
Toronto Inline Skating Club Eric Gee Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 2012-06-04
Les Élite Guillaume Alary repentigny, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-31
24h chrono Bruno-Olivier Brabant montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-30
Corp - CGI 2 2012 Mélanie Meunier Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-29
The Twister Sisters (& Brothers) Anick G Raby Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-28
CPVRAM 2012 Claude Gariépy Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-27
The Bombardier way! Christian Martel Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-13
Les Clowns - Jokers Dominique Clément Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-13
Ravec Jean-Claude Provost Prévost, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-13
Speedy Turtles Arianne Croteau Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-06
CPVRRN 2 Gabrielle Desharnais-Préfontaine Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-02
Les Rockets- Centre Sport Vision Hugo Séguin Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-01
Team X (Physio Extra) Jonathan Beaudin Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-01
B-Ring Sébastien Crête Le Gardeur, Quebec, Canada 2012-05-01
Les z'amatheures François Fournier Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
Max90 - Magma sylvain demeule st-thérèse, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
Skater's Quest Howard Bernett Ashburn, Virginia, United States 2012-04-30
Physio 3 Rives DANIEL SAUVE Rosemere, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
Les P'tits Castors Marc-Antoine Vachon Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
Corp - CGI 2012 David Gravel Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
La belle gang Francois Lussier Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
Blanche Neige Patrick Préfontaine Rosemere, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-30
On Danse, On Roule... Défi André Lalonde Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-28
On Danse, On Roule... Cool Geneviève Leclerc Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-28
Les Marins Simon Maxime Labelle Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-27
OISC Catherine Méthot Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2012-04-25
La Cordée Gabrielle Duron Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-24
Max90 - Kinéactif Guy Massicotte Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-24
400+ Flying Fossils Alan Marcosson Cleveland, Ohio, United States 2012-04-24
FS - Ekkip Les poulettes sur Roulettes Julie Robert Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-24
Team Rainbo Cale Carvell northfield, Illinois, United States 2012-04-23
Max90 - Hamel BMW Alexandre Morency Mascouche, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-22
ABEC Fins Alain Leon Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-16
Les Patineux Marc-André Simon Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-04-13
Il Peloton Sergio Almeralla Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2012-04-12
Doudouz Francis Grégoire Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-31
VRL 3 Philippe Gagnon Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-30
VRL 2 Philippe Candelier Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-30
14-18 - VRL 1 à déterminer bientôt Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-30
CPVRL - Les Brise Glace 2 Nathalie Cossette Lachenaie, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-29
CPVRL - Les Brise Glace 1 Martin Beaudry Lachenaie, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-29
CPV Longueuil Sylvain Depatie Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-29
Les Éclopés Frédéric Rouette Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-29
CPVRRN / Horizon Roc 1 Benoit Delisle Laval, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-29
Shift Racing Andrew Hegarty Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 2012-03-21
Max90 - Les Fourmis Roulantes Noémi Lavoie-Lefaivre Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-21
Les Schtroumpfs Audrey Anctil Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-21
Le 6e sens André Vincent Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2012-03-21
Bad Rollance Philippe Brulé Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2012-02-28
Les Rockets Philippe Clément Le Gardeur, Quebec, Canada 2012-02-28

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