24hrs Inline Montreal

Practical info


To get involved

Would you like to be a part of the community-oriented team behind 24hrs Inline Montreal? We'd love to have you with us! By lending a hand, you could play a role in helping us raise funds for the 24hrs supported cause. Each volunteer will receive a souvenir gift for his/her involvement at the 24hrs Inline Montreal.

The 24h Inline Montreal organization is currently looking for volunteers to fill a number of job openings. If you are interested in helping us with any of these positions please contact us stating the opening you are interested in with your experience and we'll get back to you. Give us also your time availabilities and other preferences if any.


As the webmaster, you will be in charge of updating the content of the web site (text and pictures), publishing online the race results and adding new features to the web site. You must have extensive experience with PHP, MySQL, PhotoShop, CSS and HTML. Good French and English writing skills are an important asset.

The transfer of expertise will be throughout the year in order to be autonomous for next year. The Webmaster is invited to the organizationís meetings, however participation is optional.

Volunteers during the event

We require 3 types of volunteers for this event. Let us know what position you would like and your availability: morning, / afternoon / evening / night. We assign volunteers based on 4-hour shifts. If you can work for more than 4 hours, make sure you let us know. Youíll receive a souvenir of the even and have supplies of food/water depending on the time of the day.

  • Set-up / Disassembly: Your help is required to set-up the all that is necessary for the 24hrs Inline Montreal: dividing paddocks, putting up banners, placing chairs & tables in the terrace area, etc. Set-up: starting Friday 2:00 pm / Disassembly: starting Sunday 2:00. You can volunteer for one or the other, or for both.
  • Information: Help answer questions from skaters and the general public about the services offered during the event, and all other information. You will receive a list of frequently asked questions (also found on the website) and you will also have access to the organizers of the event if you need help answering questions.
  • Course surveillance: direct skaters on the course at three strategic areas, help insure skaters apply the rules and signal flagrant infractions to the person in charge of Surveillance. All three surveillance spots come with chairs, a table and a sun umbrella.